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Next Sunday

Posted by tdifranc on October 25, 2009

Friday I wrapped things up at the PT clinic I have worked at over the last 3 years.  Peak Performance was a special place for me for many reasons.  I don’t know what my future involvement will be at Peak due to my new adventures but I do know that I will miss working with/in the collective group/environment that is PEAK!! It is a bittersweet moment – I am so excited for what is to come but sad to leave all of the great patients, friends, patients, and clients. There are too many people to list but you know who you are: THANK YOU!!!

Now I have one week to prepare for my journey to the wild, wild WEST!  I am currently submitting equipment orders for an empty athletic training room and an empty strength & conditioning facility! I love the fact that I am getting the opportunity to help put together a brand new facility but there’s a lot to do!!! It’s easy to think of the big things but what about things like enough coolers for water during practice/home games or dramamine for players who don’t do well with plane rides!!!

Oh man – I gotta get to work!!!!

GO Jam!


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