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Posted by tdifranc on October 31, 2009

The countdown is on! I am feverishly packing and trying to see as many friends/family as I can on my last day in the Northeast for the next 6 months.  That is other than the x-mas road trip we will be making to Portland (Maine) to play the Celtics D-League team up there.  We play them on Dec 26 & 27th so put it on your calendar!!!

My former high school basketball coach (he is the assistant on this team) and I will be meeting up outside of Amsterdam, NY to caravan across country from there.  Our first stop is set to be Fort Wayne, IN where we will stay with Chris’ parents.  Then we will try to get through Nebraska by night 2 and into Utah by night 3.  From Utah we will sling-shot into Bakersfield in time for the D-League draft.  I have some inside info on who we may be looking to draft but I can’t share that at this time – hehehehehe!!! Stay tuned to find out! I’m not sure how many posts I will be able to get up while on the road but I will do my best.  Thanks so much to everyone!



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