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Beef or Salmon?

Posted by tdifranc on November 3, 2009

Today went by too fast but it felt like it was two days rolled into one!  Maybe it is because Sunday the clocks were turned back on the east coast and now that we are in Utah we have gained another two hours.  Either way there was such a drastic change in the landscape from Nebraska to Utah that it felt like 2 days worth of scenery!  We left Grand Island at ~8am after a quick power workout/breakfast.  As we were fueling up prior to hitting I-80W I noticed that Chris (who was supposed to be turning a new nutrition leaf) was devouring what appeared to be a Yodel made by Little Debbie!  He was treating it as a squirrel would treat the last acorn on the lawn in December just before the first big snow storm!  I immediately grabbed a Cliff Bar and threw it at Chris hoping he would make a better choice of how to fuel his body for the day!

Now it was time to get the heck out of Nebraska and into the Rockies!  The road was straight and empty so we had a good pace going!  Quickly we began to see spots of snow on the ground and we knew we were headed for bigger and better things.  Nebraska has nothing!  Nebraska is completely flat and there is nothing in Nebraska other than cows and corn!

Even with the windows up all you could smell was manure (if you are from New England you have an excuse for not understanding the significance of college football but you have no excuse for not knowing what manure is).  I don’t mind the smell of cow manure because I grew up on my grandfather’s farm but I did mind what I saw.  We passed a number of cattle farms that consisted of acres and acres of cows fenced in by metal grazing in dirt/mud!  Do they eat that mud? Nope they eat corn!  Were cows meant to eat corn? Nope they were meant to eat grass!  By eating grass they stay lean and they get high amounts of omega-3’s (this is good).  So why do they get fed corn? Well…farmers in Nebraska ain’t dumb!!! They know that by feeding them corn/carbs the cows get FAT and the FATTER the cow the more beef the farmer has to sell and the more money they get!

Believe it or not the nutritional profile of a piece of wild salmon and a piece of 100% grass fed beef is almost identical!  If these cows weren’t standing in mud being fed corn but instead allowed to graze on grass it wouldn’t matter if you chose salmon or beef.  These farmers are making so much money off of feeding these cows corn that when I looked closely at the silo’s (if you don’t know what a silo is – look it up) they were stuffed with cash!  Unfortunately though it just isn’t that simple!  I won’t get into it now but lets not forget that salmon farmers also know that trick and to fatten up their fish they feed them pellets (corn).  What do you think that does to the profile of the healthy piece of farm-raised salmon that we all think is such a good choice!?!?

Ok enough education for one blog – now back to our trip!  We headed into Colorado and almost instantly things became colorful and scenic!  We stopped to fuel up at a gas station that had not had much action recently (or ever) – the tumble weeds were rolling.  Shortly after we stopped to grab a sandwich at Quiznos where Chris made a nice decision by picking the whole-grain Sun Chips instead of potato chips.  Now it was time to head for what was lurking in the distance: The mighty Rockies!

The mountains became more and more clear as we headed right for them and before we knew it we were in them!  We spent the next 2 hours weaving, climbing and descending through the mountains with outstanding views/panoramas carved right in front of us!  There was snow all around us and all I could think of was how much difficulty we would be having if it had been bad weather!

We pressed on as the sun went down and slipped into Utah just as the sun dropped out of site.  It felt like that feeling you get when the credits run on a great movie that you just don’t want to end!  We coasted down into Green River Utah, grabbed a hotel room and ate at the local hot spot: Rays.  Rays is an establishment that appears to have been built when Green River was settled (1876).  When we walked in all of the locals turned to look and despite immediate concern with our choice we had been promised that the burgers were the best in town so we grabbed a booth (made of the same wood that the walls and floors were made from).  The burgers were amazing and the fries were hand-cut so with full bellies and heavy eyes we made it back to the hotel for the final night of the trip.

10-11 hours from Bakersfield we are both extremely excited for the show to begin but in many ways I will miss getting the chance to see the country this way!  Well there’s always my return trip!  The draft is shaping up nicely as we prepare to arrive in Bakersfield tomorrow afternoon using Nevada as a conduit.

Please stay tuned for the first installment of “Working on a Dream” – our video

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series documenting the story behind the story: Chris learning to discover his nutritional edge!



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