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War Room

Posted by tdifranc on November 10, 2009

We were back in the office at 6am on draft day and it was time to get to work!  Chris had a number of players that we could potentially draft that he was making calls to, googling, and researching however he could.  The other four assistants were doing the same as they scoured the land for any player that could potentially be available for any of our picks.  I was working hard on developing our schedule of practices, conditioning sessions, and strength sessions.

The day went quickly and all of the other staff people in the office were scrambling to prepare for the draft and also for the big draft party!  The draft was at 4pm and by 2:30 I found my way down into the draft “war room” and found a chair out of the way so I could just take it all in.  The coaches were discussing the players they had researched or in some cases failed to research and shifting the magnetized player names up and down the board based on how much they wanted them.

As 3:30 came around things began to heat up!  The conference call was placed and we waited while the draft director explained the rules and procedures.  Trust me when I tell you things were intense in that room.  We had the fourth pick and it was burning a hole in our pocket!  Then suddenly the first team was on the clock.  They made their selection and the second, and third, and now it was us.

Will (head coach) pulled a name out that nobody had been discussing all day: Amare Say.  Say has played in the NBA and he has dominated the best league in France.  Now he would be playing for us!  Prior to the draft we had “allocated” two players basically meaning we had reserved them and nobody could draft them.  One is a 7’0’’ tall monster who has played in the NBA and been successful there: Robert Swift.

Now we were listening to the other picks as we prepared for our next one.  The coaches discussed who they would take depending on who was still on the board.  Several of the guys we had targeted were picked but we were still very excited to snag our second round pick!  Suddenly Will asked me to grab the main 3-ring binder that all of their “intel” was in and start pulling all of the guys that were still on the board.  I did so with major excitement just to be involved.

As we continued to draft I continued to pull player intel sheets and on the night went until around 9:15pm.  Phone calls were zinging and our board was constantly moving from start to finish– it was amazing!  We were very excited about what had just happened but all very exhausted!  We grabbed a sandwich and all headed over to the draft party to relax, chat, and enjoy a toast to the big day!

Chris and I joined the owner of our hotel in his bar/lounge for a few complimentary beverages and then called it a night!  So much has happened since the draft and I will slowly report on all of it but that gives you a picture of what it is like in the war room.

Players arrive on Wednesday, screens/physicals are done on Thursday and we get to practice on Friday.  There is 15 hours + per day of work still to be done to be ready but I didn’t come out here to do anything but work!  Next time you will hear about our adventures since the draft but be patient because we have yet to secure internet (or cable for that matter) at our apartment!

p.s. our first player arrives early today and I will be working him out this afternoon – check this out:



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