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The Get-Up!

Posted by tdifranc on June 2, 2010

The turkish get-up has gone mainstream!  You see it on every fitness website, all over youtube and in almost every gym.  The only issue with that is rarely do you see it being done right.  When it is performed correctly it can be a VERY powerful exercise for many different reasons – just watch the video of a smooth looking TGU and you can almost feel your core working.  One of our favorite ways to use it here at TDAE is as a core activation exercise.  Don’t worry I just ducked out of the way of any objects or comments thrown my way from people who don’t believe there is such a thing as core (or glute) activation.  Lets avoid a discussion about semantics and just agree on how dynamic and beneficial one little ground-up exercise is!

The bottom line is that the TGU (when done carefully and correctly) takes the idea that primitive patterns are good and wraps them up in a nice little package with progressions included for free.  The term primitive patterns refers to the idea that the body is born or hard-wired with specific movement patterns/neuromuscular reflexes that we lose as we age.  We lose them because we don’t use them!  Sometimes all it takes when you get booted off of a wifi network is to restart the computer or the network and you are up and running again with those hard-wired programs. The body can be the same way – we all have a built in restart button to be used when things are not working the right way.

Look at it this way – you put a 6 month old baby on the floor on their back and they will likely be able to roll to their stomach without too much difficulty.  You try doing that without using your legs to help you roll…..

Tough huh!  Believe it or not as you were developing from an infant you could once do that without even thinking about it – it was a reflex!  Then you grew up, became less active, you sit for most of the day, and you can’t even recall the last time you got on the ground and tried to roll around, attempted to sit from lying down, or stand from kneeling.  The ironic thing is that you once dedicated an entire year of your life to doing all of those things in perfect developmental order…then you learned to walk.

Looks like a TGU to me.....

Picture a baby rattle in the right hand pointed to the sky

The Turkish Get-Up brings you back to those tasks and reboots your system for you if you do it correctly.  It can be loaded or unloaded (with weight or without) and it can be done completely or in pieces.  The TGU is embedded with countless shoulder, t-spine, and hip mobility/stability pearls as well!  Regardless of how you use it or how much weight you are doing it with you can benefit from being brought back to those                primitive patterns! Can you see the similarities?


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