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Posted by tdifranc on June 17, 2010

Work Capacity Enhancement – what is it? How do you do it?

WCE is a term that many people have many different definitions/meanings for.  WCE is simply the ability to produce WORK in a sport or performance specific format.  What does that mean?  Well break it down….the equation for WORK is W = Force x Distance… in other words work is the ability to produce force over a certain distance.  Then lets look at the definition of CAPACITY: the amount that something/someone can produce.

Ok so from this WCE means that we are attempting to enhance a person’s ability to produce force x distance (work).  This then translates into sport or performance because in most sports that I know you must produce a certain amount of work at various frequencies, intensities, and durations.

Depending on the sport or the performance requirements different types of WCE strategies are appropriate.  Most people consider WCE to mean circuit training of any kind.  It’s important to match the WCE strategy with the sport/performance requirement.  Let’s put it this way: WCE for a baseball player is different than for basketball player which is different than for an MMA athlete….and on and on and on!

WCE can be very effective if it is matched to the work frequency, intensity, and duration requirements of the sport you are training for.  Furthermore – it can also be effective for general clients who don’t play a sport as long as it matches their performance needs.

Above there is a video of a basketball specific WCE layout and below is a video showing a few of the things we do with our MMA athletes.  It is certainly important to create sport specific WCE layouts but at the same time remember that athletes are athletes and it’s not uncommon to walk into our facility at any given time and see an MMA athlete doing explosive hurdle jumps or a basketball player doing sled drives!


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