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Everybody’s Diet is Perfect: 1

Posted by tdifranc on July 7, 2010

If you are reading this then you probably have a healthy diet and eat good wholesome food but do you ever get tired of listening to people around you try to defend their healthy diet?  I do – if they have to defend it then it’s not healthy!  This post will give you some powerful responses to those silly friends, co-workers, or family members who think they eat healthy but actually have NO CLUE!!!

Maybe you are actually one of those people who thinks your diet is good – I got news for ya chieftain: you are wrong – your diet is BAD and it is the reason you have been treading water in the sea of body composition and athletic performance.

Wait, what’s that??….You really are a good eater… eat whole wheat bread/pasta, you drink lots of water, and you even shop at Wholefoods!  Oh well in that case you must be a downright guru on nutrition.  Great work!  More news for ya chieftain: Those types of things don’t make you a healthy eater.

Just so you know the people in charge of supplying you with food could care LESS about what that food does or doesn’t do for you as long as you BUY it!  Do the people who supply smokers with cigarettes give a crap about what it does to their consumers?  Nope and if they had their way they would still have people thinking smoking “can’t really be that bad”!

The people behind the food supply chain are getting lots of money because we eat a gross amount of food that is bad for us.  I’m not talking about the obvious stuff – everyone knows fast food chains like the one that starts with an M is bad for us (except for those people who are suing mickey d’s for making them fat – they didn’t get the memo).  I am referring to how the food marketing groups know that you know that “healthy” is good but they also know that you don’t know what “healthy” really is!!!

One of my favorite examples is that bakery whose name starts with a P – they have a reputation and a marketing campaign that tells consumers that if it comes from their kitchen then it is “healthy”.  Oh really – well where did that chicken in your sandwich smothered in processed cheese on handmade bread from highly processed white flour come from?  How was it fed?  What was it fed?  What was added to it to increase its shelf-life?  How can they produce so much of it?

I am not saying I have all the answers to those questions but I do have those questions!  I am also not saying I never go to the ‘P’ bakery  – actually I go there often because it is a great place to get an UN-Dunkin Donutized coffee or tea and meet friends or co-workers.  When I do go to places like the ‘P’ bakery I am careful of what I consume from their food menu because I don’t have the answers to the questions above….and neither do they (if they do they aren’t telling).

All of this being said I am not a certified nutritionist and I don’t eat perfectly healthy all of the time (most of the time though).  I am an educated consumer of food and I question where my food comes from, how it is processed and what is or is no longer in it!

Are you skeptical of the idea that things that are supposed to be healthy actually aren’t?  Nothing like a good study to back up some good info!  Michaeal Pollan highlighted a study in his exceptional book In Defense of Food that might make you start to question.  This 1982 study took a group of Aborigines who had been removed from the bush and picked up a western-diet/lifestyle (they ate crap and sat on their asses).  In a short period of time they developed Type-2 diabetes!  They were returned to the bush, their active lifestyle and their native diet and in a short period of time the diabetic changes nearly disappeared!  Enough said!!!!

So what can you do right now to become a more educated food consumer?

  1. admit that your diet may not be as healthy as you thought
  2. start questioning where your food comes from, how it is grown and/or processed, and what is in it
  3. eat variety of simple, local foods in their most whole form (in moderation)
  4. read In Defense of Food by, Michael Pollan
  5. stop assuming that food is healthy just because it is marketed as healthy
  6. stop assuming that major food suppliers give a crap about your well-being

p.s. when I typed “healthy food that isn’t healthy” into google and clicked on images I got this:

yeah but...Jared did it...


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