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Everybody’s Diet is Perfect: 2

Posted by tdifranc on July 13, 2010

Sorry for the delay in posts from EDP: Part I!  I was backpacking in the White Mountains – there are no cell phones or computers eight miles into the Presidential Range.  16 miles (roundtrip) in my Vibram 5-Finger shoes…look for a post in the near future highlighting the benefits of barefoot training.  After eating nothing but trail mix, cheese/crackers, and other light weight packaged food options for 2 days – trust me I enjoyed every bite/sip of nachos and beer at the local micro-brewery after completing the hike.  See – I don’t eat perfectly all of the time but it’s all about balance…I had a perfect balance of nachos and beer!  I was actually trying to execute the part of the Aboriginal study in which they brought them out of their natural environment and promptly helped them develop diabetes with a classic “western diet”.

Ok so some of you who read the EDP Part I blog responded by saying:  “Yeah but I just went to the doctor for my physical and the doctor said I am healthy!”.  Isn’t that cute!  Here is my response:  1) The human body is an amazing thing – I mean for crying out loud it can erase the onset of Type-2 diabetes!!! This being true it can only take so much!  Look at it this way – I could drive my car for hundreds of thousands of miles without changing the oil and the mechanic could tell me it was fine until of course the day that the transmission dies!  2) Ask a diabetic how many times their doctor told them they were “healthy” leading up to the day they were diagnosed with diabetes.  They will tell you the answer was quite a few!

Now that I have all of that all of my chest – and you are pissed at me for calling you out don’t panic!  There is still time to learn, change and improve!  I certainly don’t know it all when it comes to this stuff but knowing that and taking the time to learn more is much more than half the battle!!  Take a look at the following links from Michael Pollan’s website – in my opinion he does a phenomenal job of telling the food story like it is and then offering tools to help you put your new knowledge to work.

His website:

A great article off of his website:

A link from that article:


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