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Learn from the BEST!!!

Posted by tdifranc on July 28, 2010

In this field of human performance, rehab, and movement things change every day!  New studies come out, experts test/prove different ideas, and the human body teaches us new things at a pace that sometimes can be hard to keep up with.  This pattern makes it imperative that you never let yourself stop learning because the second you do you will be left in the dust!  This is why I make it a point to read, learn, and teach as much as I can.  Reading, learning, and teaching go together because you can’t learn without reading, you can’t teach without learning and you can’t learn without teaching (read that again…it will make sense the 2nd or 3rd time).

My excuse for having nearly a week between posts is a combo excuse…

1.  I went to visit my brother Scott in NJ.  He is the Head Athletic Trainer for the New York Yankees Single A club (The Charleston Riverdogs).  This weekend they played the Phillies Single A club in Lakewood, NJ.  It was great to see Scott and even though his team lost I was secretly ok with that due to my strong allegiance to Red Sox Nation!

Kids do the darndest cute!!!

2.  I was out learning!!!  I am lucky to be able to consider Brijesh Patel, CSCS a mentor and a friend.  Brijesh has separated himself as a leader in the field of strength and conditioning and has played a huge role in the success of the athletic programs at UConn, Holy Cross, and now as the Head Strength Coach at Quinnipiac University.

I took the day on Tuesday to go visit him at Quinnipiac and learn from one of the best!  When you get a chance to see experts working in the “trenches” you learn and see things that can’t be found in a book or at a conference.  The only way to become a leader in your field (whatever that is) is to learn from the leaders in the field!  You don’t have to copy their ways or agree with everything they say but the simple act of seeing them work, asking them questions and engaging in conversation with them can be the most powerful learning you will ever do!

The point of today’s post is not a nutrition idea or a training based tip…instead it is a reminder that we all need to keep learning.  The second you stop seeking ways to learn is the second you stop empowering yourself as you seek quality of life and enjoying what you do!!!  Quality of life and enjoying what you do plays a HUGE role in how you feel and how you perform…so go read, learn or teach something…it might just make you physically feel better and able to perform better!  Just look at how good the cute little boy in the picture feels since he has learned that exciting new hand gesture!!!

3 Things you can do NOW to become a leader in your field:

1. Go to a conference, workshop or seminar (this is how I met Brijesh)

2. Go through your contacts, email address book, or stack of business cards you have collected from networking – pick one contact you enjoyed meeting or listening to at a conference and contact them!  If you don’t have a long list of contacts, email addresses or a big collection of business cards then start building!!!

3. Read a blog or visit a website from a leader in your field once a week! These days everyone has a blog or a website with articles that are free and take no time at all to read or learn from.

Stay tuned because tomorrow Brijesh is going to be our guest blogger as he digs deeper into the ideas of understanding “Mindsets” with athletes, training, and in life in general.


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