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Simple is Good!!!

Posted by tdifranc on September 20, 2010

Have you ever tried to do something that looks simple, but turns out to be pretty difficult?

Many people jump into a training or conditioning program and skip right to the most challenging exercise.  The “coolest” exercise they can find on youtube or other extreme training websites is where they want to start???!!!!!  Not only does this approach lack efficiency and effectiveness, but it can also lead to training-based injury development.  It would be like sky-diving for the first time and not realizing until half-way down that you never learned how to pull the ‘chute. Take for example the “simple” act of the single-leg squat:

Any athlete, weekend-warrior, or recreational gym-rat should be able to perform a single-leg squat with proper form.  Go find a box or a step that is about knee-height (~16” – 19” high) and perform a single leg squat without letting your:

– knee cave in

– chest fall forward

– balance be disturbed

…. Not as easy as you thought, eh!!??  Try mastering this simple skill before you attempt more complex skills such as the single-leg hop.  Check out a great video of the single leg hop on our facebook page.  Your training will become much more effective and efficient, and the risk of developing unnecessary non-contact injury will be reduced.

Don’t forget the simple stuff!!!!


2 Responses to “Simple is Good!!!”

  1. becky said

    Very cool! You are awesome! Love, mom

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