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Last Call on Summer!!!

Posted by tdifranc on September 24, 2010

We may get a few more hot days sprinkled between the crisp air of fall, but we are starting to hear/feel/smell the last call on summer!!! That being said, it is NOT too late to enjoy some of the amazing fresh foods that go along with summer. Challenge yourself to go find any local farm stands or local produce providers that are still up and running and get whatever they have left. If you don’t, you will be kicking yourself in about six weeks when the snow starts falling!!!

This doesn’t have to be complicated!!! As you can see from our previous blog – we here at TDAE think that simple is GOOD! Sometimes I hear from people that they don’t have enough time, or they don’t know how to cook, or they don’t know how to shop for the right stuff….you are kidding me right??? Come with me as we explore those lovely little excuses for not eating fresh and healthy food during the summer:

1. “I don’t have enough time” – My response: Oh really!?? What about the 2 hour finale of dancing with the stars that you sat down and watched last night, or the 45 minutes on facebook that you spent creeping on your old friend who you know you still have a crush on??? Make time – don’t be an idiot!!

2. “I don’t know how to cook” – My response: I understand that not everyone grew up with a mom who is a culinary master running a catering business or a dad who is a working man’s version of an iron chef as he single handedly has run the kitchen at Dartmouth College over the past 30 years but….COME ON give me a break!!! Can you start a grill? Can you turn on a stove? Can you hold a knife in your hand? Use a pair of tongs???? I mean how hard is it?? If you can’t do some of that stuff and don’t have a doctor’s note to back it up – then get off of our blog!

3. “I don’t know how to shop for the right stuff” – My response: Get in your car, go to the local market or farm stand that has fresh produce/meats/dairy, park your car, get your wallet, go to the produce/meat/dairy section, pick out what is fresh or ask someone who works there, put it in your grocery cart, proceed to the registers in the store (typically in the front), hand the stuff you chose to the 15 year old who is texting his buddy while running the register, pay the total, and leave. Does that help?

Look – I’ll even give you a practice test with all of the answers on it:
Go Buy:
– Eggplant
– Melon
– Fresh Figs
– Tomatoes
– Peppers
– Fresh Full Fat Mozzarella Cheese (not talking Kraft here)
– Fresh loaf of bread (ideally whole wheat or whole grain)
– Chicken Sausage

Fire up your grill and throw on the:
– Eggplant
– Peppers
– Fresh Figs
– Chicken Sausage
– Slices of bread
….Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on before you throw them on

Slice up the:
– Cheese
– Tomatoes
– Melon

Throw all of that on a platter and serve with some hummus or other non-Ranch dip of choice….now everyone just start grabbing whatever combination of the above looks good….a few minutes later it will be gone and you will have to clean up….that’s outside of my scope so sorry can’t help you there!


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