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The Bulk Aisle 1: Your High School Crush…

Posted by tdifranc on September 28, 2010

Who can honestly say they have used the “bulk-aisle” to shop from and not as a short-cut to the meat department in the last month??? I’m not talking about that huge bag of chocolate-covered raisins you bought either!!! The bulk-aisle is probably the most underutilized section in every grocery store yet it arguably has more to offer than any other aisle in the store.

The bulk aisle is like the high school classmate that you had a crush on but never could muster up the confidence to ask out. Every once in a while you would go strike up some pointless small talk with this person but that was it! I’m not going to lie…I have always had a crush on the bulk-aisle but never had the guts to go up to it and ask it out on a date! I would walk through and browse (pointless small talk) but never walked away with anything (a date). I didn’t know what half of the stuff was and the idea of manually scooping my food into a bag that wasn’t already pre-packaged/sealed was not something I had confidence in!!! Hopefully this blog series will help you build up the confidence and knowledge that you need to go ask your high school crush on a date or maybe it will just help you take advantage of all that the bulk-aisle has to offer!!!!

As we set out to help build a guide/map for the bulk-aisle we thought it would be a good idea to go and find an expert. It couldn’t have been any more simple…by walking into a local/natural food grocery store and asking for someone who was knowledgeable about the bulk-aisle we were directed to an EXPERT! Ron Kafker was the person we were sent to and he didn’t disappoint! We aren’t talking about some shelf-stocking, bib-wearer just collecting a pay-check here folks…this guy is legit! Not only does he help run the bulk aisle at this store but he is also a Natural Food Nutrition Coach. He has extensive experience in natural/whole foods and nutrition coaching but more importantly he has simply been in the trenches. If there is one thing I have learned about learning from experts it is that you want to find the experts who have been in the trenches not the ones who have just been sitting at their desk writing books!
Meet Ron and stay tuned for part 2:


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