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The Bulk Aisle 2: Sad…

Posted by tdifranc on September 30, 2010

It is only fitting that the acronym for “standard American diet” is SAD! The “standard American diet” is very sad because it revolves around mass produced processed foods. Most people don’t even know that a majority of what they are eating is not nutrient dense and even if they think it is healthy for them it simply isn’t.

For example: You do realize that oatmeal the way you buy it (if you buy it) is processed…right? When they harvest the oats they don’t come out of the ground as a flat flake that is ready to microwave in 90 seconds. Oat groats my friend is what oat meal starts out as and then the transformation to what you know as oatmeal begins: First it is turned into steel cut outs, then stripped of nutrients as it is rolled into oat flakes, then mashed into instant oatmeal, and finally oat flour. This is important because you want to eat natural foods and more importantly natural foods in their most WHOLE form!!! They are much more nutrient dense and they act as long lasting energy sources this way. This is just one example but the nutrient difference between instant oatmeal (most people think it’s healthy) and whole oat groats is enormous!!! I am not saying that you need to eat whole oat groats every morning instead of instant oatmeal but I am saying you are wasting your time with instant oatmeal – hey it’s your breakfast and your body!

Lets list several grains in their whole form and see if you recognize them:
– Barley
– Amaranth
– Kamut
– Kasha
– Millet
– Oat Groats
– Quinoa
– Wheat Berries
– Rye Berries
– Spelt Berries
– Teff
– Brown Rice (there are over 19 varieties of rice in the bulk aisle we visited)

Out of these 12 whole grains how many do you cook, eat, or even recognize other than brown rice???
Here is Ron Kafker (Natural Food Nutrition Coach & bulk aisle expert) on the sad “SAD”:

See the list below to see some of the other items you can find in the bulk aisle outside of the grain category:
– Almonds
– Brazil Nuts
– Cashews
– Chestnuts
– Hazel Nuts
– Macadamia Nuts
– Peanuts
– Pecans
– Pine Nuts
– Pistachios
– Walnuts
– Pumpkin Seeds
– Sunflower Seeds
– Adzuki Beans
– Anasazi Beans
– Lima Beans
– Black Beans
– Black Eyed Peas
– Cannellini Beans
– Chick Peas
– Cranberry Beans
– Fava Beans
– Flageolets
– Great Northern Beans
– Mung Beans
– Navy Beans
– Pinto Beans
– Red Beans
– Red Kidney Beans
– Lentils (many different variations)

Now do you see why the bulk aisle should be where you spend most of your time in the grocery store??? The items above are all whole natural foods that are jam packed with nutrients at a great price!!! Stay tuned for part 3…


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