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Our 1st 1,000 point Scorer!

Posted by tdifranc on October 22, 2010

That may not mean much if anything to you but to us here at TDAE that is a huge milestone!!! Unlike some gyms we actually quantify our client’s results and help them see on paper the gains they are making. We call this our Performance Number (P#). The P# consists of:
– 185lb Bench Press (1 point for every rep)
– 3RM Hex Bar Dead Lift (1 point for every pound you lift)
– Vertical Jump (1 point for every inch you jump)
– Broad Jump (1 point for every inch you jump)
– 3RM Narrow Grip Chin Up (1 point for every pound you lift)
– Side Plank on Elbow (1 point for every second you hold – both sides are scored)
– Push Ups – chest touch tennis ball (1 point for every rep)
– Functional Movement Screen score

What if you can’t do 185lb Bench Press – no worries…we have a separate category for you as well as a U-16 category. Our baseball athletes don’t spend much time under the bench (if any).

As you can see the scoring system is weighted towards certain tests. Some people say – “well you can get a high score simply by getting really good at HB DL’s and Side Planks”….our response: “GREAT!!! What’s wrong with being able to lift heavy numbers on a HB DL and hold a Side Plank for a long time??? If you can do that you are on your way to being a healthy athlete/client”. We test for what we want to train for!

So who was our 1st 1,000 point scorer???
Matt Bouvier – he currently plays basketball at Endicott College (it is NOT surprising that our 1st 1,000 point scorer came from Endicott – go Gulls)
We don’t do a ton of olympic lift work but for Matt we make an exception!! What a ham!
Matt has worked very hard for this and will go down in the TDAE history books!!!
His exact score is: 1115.5
Where did he get his points?
– 19 reps at Bench 185
– 345 on 3RM HB DL (this will be higher when he isn’t in-season)
– 23.5in Vertical
– 97in Broad
– 70lbs on 3RM Narrow Grip Chin Up
– 457 total seconds on side plank (you do the math)
– 83 push ups
– 21 FMS


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