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Playing Favorites…

Posted by tdifranc on July 17, 2011

This is a quick and random post to share my new favorite pair of running shoes and a great new performance snack for kids and adults alike!

I don’t run long distances very often (when I say long distances I am talking more than 1 mile) but when I do I know what pair of shoes I will be wearing! I was recently introduced to Karhu – a Finnish shoe/performance wear company. They recently came out with a model of shoe that has a low profile but not so low that my feet are sore after long distances on uneven terrain.

I am certainly involved in the minimalist footwear revolution and have a pair of Nike Frees, a pair of Vibrams 5-Fingers, and have tested the New Balance Minimus. I believe in a low profile/minimally supported shoe as they allow your foot to maximally react to the training/training surface. Additionally, a shoe with minimal support/low profile allows the foot and ankle a larger/more natural range of mobility while tending to encourage more of a forefoot running pattern.

What I have found is that different activities require more or less support/profile in a shoe. It is important to note that minimally supported/low profile shoes are NOT for EVERYONE and must be gradually introduced if appropriate. I use my different brands of minimalist shoes for different things. I have found that I really enjoy the new Karhu Flow Fulcrum Rides for when I do get out and run longer distances on terrains that require some support but not too much.

Now how about this new snack!

If you haven’t checked out the little packets of natural nut butters by Justin’s then get on it! They make these great little packets of healthy, natural nut butters that are packed with protein, good fats, and slow burning calories. They are great to toss in your drawer at work, your gym bag or just for at home. Some of the flavors will remind you more of dessert than snack but my sweet tooth has no problems with that! When you are on the run and have no time for a pre-workout power snack, a midday snack, a power dessert or an express breakfast this is a great answer!


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