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Look Mom No Hands (part 1)…

Posted by tdifranc on July 30, 2011

We all have times in training when we get banged up and have a certain area of the body that limits us from our normal routine. There are two kinds of injuries: 1) Contact & 2) Non-Contact. If you suffer unnecessary non-contact injuries then you need to see a performance trainer with a background in physical therapy or one that has experience in quality evaluation and assessment strategies. This person can identify the asymmetries that are causing non-contact injuries and limiting your performance. Once they have been identified and cleaned up by a skilled physical therapist or performance trainer then you are back on track!

Today I want to highlight contact based injuries. Things like getting tackled and spraining a knee, or falling on a wrist while playing hoops. These injuries are often not able to be avoided but can turn very ugly if you simply work through them and try to ignore them in your training. The alternative to ignoring them, working through them, and making them worse is to say “ok well now I sprained my wrist so I guess I can’t go train for the next week…”

The trick in this case is to work AROUND your contact injury, let it heal while still maintaining other gains, and then when it is healed get back to your normal routines. A perfect example of this came during the last 2 weeks here at TDAE when one of our clients re-injured a wrist that he had injured while playing hoops for Kenyon College. Instead of taking the week off he came in and we created a “hands-free” workout plan for him for that week.

Here are a few ideas of “hands-free” training:

JB was able to utilize these and exercises like these to maintain gains he has made this summer without losing an entire week of training due to a cranky wrist! Don’t you worry when JB doesn’t have a bad wrist he will get back to his usual tricks (190lb Retro VS Lunge):

Stay tuned for part 2…


One Response to “Look Mom No Hands (part 1)…”

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