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Look Mom No Hands (part 2)

Posted by tdifranc on August 11, 2011

In “part 1” we showed how an injury that creeps up on you can be trained around for a few days/weeks while it calms down. What about when a traumatic injury like a arm/wrist fracture sidelines an individual for months…?

A young baseball player who trains with us…lets refer to him as Al Sunzoutgunzout suffered a distal ulnar/radius fracture (fractured his wrist) in May. Plenty of kids would have decided to use this as an excuse on why they wouldn’t be able to do regular workouts during the summer to keep getting stronger…not AL! Al kept coming and we kept feeding him with hands free work to strengthen his lower body, balance, footwork etc…

Additionally, we were able to give him wrist strengthening/mobility exercises when appropriate to speed the healing/rehab process. This is important because if an athlete returns to sport after an entire summer of sitting on the coach/beach they are destined for complications either at the site of injury or around it! Since baseball is Al’s primary sport we also utilized this time to progress/maintain positive shoulder range of motion and strength through manual techniques such as PNF and rhythmic stabilization.

Now Al has logged a GREAT summer (despite the fracture) and instead of starting from square one he is prepared to keep breaking records!!!


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