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No Time for Lunch

Posted by tdifranc on August 12, 2011

I hear the excuses all of the time about why people don’t have time for lunch! Those excuses come from the same people who are reading this blog while they are supposed to be at “work” and by the time they finish reading this post could have eaten what’s in it…You started reading it so you may as well finish and learn something during your time procrastinating from “work”.

How about this combo for a QUICK, healthy lunch that requires almost zero prep time, provides 25g+ of protein, costs under $5.00 and can be stored in your office desk/refrigerator:

A. 1 Vermont Smoke and Cure Snack Stick: All natural beef stick made with beef that has never been introduced to antibiotics; No nitrites or nitrates; 7g Protein; $1.49

B. 1 Greek Yogurt (flavor/brand of your choice): Greek yogurt has a higher protein content and depending on your favorite brand is typically not laden with corn syrup or additives (, Trader Joe’s brand, Fage, Chobani); Typically have between 12-20g Protein; $1.29-2.50

C. 1 Justins Natural Nut Butter Squeeze Pack: All natural/organic ingredients with great flavors like maple-almond or chocolate-hazelnut. They can be eaten very easily on the go…right out of the pack; 5-7g Protein; .69-99cents!

***If you aren’t a meat eater…substitute a hard boiled egg for the beef stick.


2 Responses to “No Time for Lunch”

  1. bbruin77 said

    This is truly an excellent post and suggestion for a meal. I myself am a big fan of meat. And doing double workouts in 1 day.

  2. Jeffrey Gold said

    I am still waiting for a response on my commentary. I think Muscle Milk would be good to wash this meal down with

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