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Best Body Tool: Tall Kneeling Superman

Posted by tdifranc on August 15, 2011

Why it’s good: It challenges your abdominal musculature in anti-extension. “Anti-Extension” refers to the idea that if you were to completely relax your abs while in this position you would go into low back hyper-extension. This is the primary function of the anterior ab muscles and yet we often ignore that.

Points for PERFECT form:
* Avoid falling into low back hyper-extension. This happens if you let your belly/butt sag towards the ground.
* Avoid sinking into or hanging on your shoulders. You should feel like your lower abs are holding you up as your shoulders/arms keep you stable.
* Don’t bend too much at the hips. You want your hips to be near “flat”.
* Use padding under your knees for comfort.

How often: 2-4 times per week.

How much: Work up to being comfortable with a 90-120sec hold. This may take months before getting to this point. Start at 10-20sec and go from there.


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