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Best Body Tool: Dead Lift-Y

Posted by tdifranc on August 22, 2011

Why it’s good: This exercise will help you build a great base of strength and mobility at the same time. A strong back and powerful hips are important for everyone and the Dead Lift-Y can create that foundation!

Points for PERFECT form:
* Start “tall” in good posture from the shoulders down
* “Puff” your chest out and pinch your shoulder blades back
* Sit your butt back with a slight knee bend (DON’T let your knees “shoot” forward)
* Use the hip hinge pattern to tip your chest over towards the ground with a perfectly straight back (as if you are doing a dead lift)
* Sit your butt down into a deep squat with a high/tall chest
* Raise one arm at a time to the ceiling in a “Y” position
* Stand up after you have achieved the “Y” position with your arms

How often: 2-4 times per week.

How much: 4-6 repetitions each time you practice it is a good number to work towards.


3 Responses to “Best Body Tool: Dead Lift-Y”

  1. […] they ignore during the season. A simple dynamic stretch like the Bulletproof Body Tool we call the Dead Lift-Y can help you avoid or regain mobility that can be lost during a […]

  2. Scott said

    Nice work as usual Tim!!! Really enjoy the newsletters. Gotta catch up sometime soon.

    Scott Prunier

  3. gaetano said

    i love this site. great teaching and stuff ill never forget!

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