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What I did on my summer vacation…

Posted by tdifranc on August 30, 2011

Our clients work hard and hard work pays off! The off-season is the absolute best time to address limitations that athletes might have and work on that bulletproof body for the upcoming season. If it is done right and approached with a plan it can be extremely beneficial! Here are a few of the main things that MUST be addressed during off-season training:

  1. Injuries: Injuries that limited the athlete during the previous season can and will carry over into the next season if they are not addressed. It is not good enough to simply assume that a little rest will solve the problem…that is like pulling over and turning the car off for 5 minutes when the check engine light comes on and hoping that when you turn the car back on it will be gone. Has that ever worked???? Find a good PT or performance trainer who can evaluate and assess why certain injuries occurred during the previous season and most importantly fix them! They need to be able seek the source and not just the site of the injury!
  2. Mobility: Sport seasons are long and they require athletes to do the SAME motions over and over again. This results in athletes who get tight and limited in movements that they ignore during the season. A simple dynamic stretch like the Bulletproof Body Tool we call the Dead Lift-Y can help you avoid or regain mobility that can be lost during a season.
  3. Strength: A bulletproof body doesn’t become bulletproof until you get STRONG! You get strong by moving or lifting heavy weight with perfect form. In the video below you will see Nikki Rose pushing nearly twice her body weight on the sled…enough said!
  4. Explosiveness: Most sports require a certain amount of explosive or plyometric activity. If you think you can go through an off-season without developing this tool and then jump into a pre-season with tons of plyometric requirements without a problem – you are WRONG!
  5. Energy System Enhancement: It is simply a fancy term for sport specific “cardio” or conditioning. Unless you are a long distance runner your sport probably requires short bursts of high intensity work. Train for your sport and be sure you are training the correct energy systems…soccer & basketball players (for example) don’t need to be running long slow miles on the treadmill or road! They NEED to be doing short/powerful interval style conditioning just like their sport requires. See the video below for Bates basketball star Allie Beaulieu doing the ropes and Nikki Rose (new member of the Swampscott Girls Varsity Soccer team – as a freshman) doing mountain climbers. No more than 20 seconds of HARD work followed by short periods of rest is a good format to shoot for.

Follow the steps above and you will be bulletproofing yourself for a healthy pre-season and successful season!!!


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