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Best Body Tool: Foam Roll for Healthy Muscles!

Posted by tdifranc on October 14, 2011

Here at TD Athletes Edge, we are ALL ABOUT improving quality of muscle/connective tissue! If you train, workout, or compete regularly you know that your muscles can get tight, feel like they have knots in them, and even sometimes feel like they are “pulled”. This is no fun and frankly something that can be minimized if not avoided by taking some simple measures such as Foam Rolling.

Foam Rolling is an inexpensive, easy, effective way to stay on top of promoting healthy, high quality tissue throughout your body. This will help you avoid those unnecessary non-contact injuries that sneak up out of nowhere and limit your performance!!!

Prescription: 10-20 rolls on each body part shown in the video once per day will help to keep the nagging injuries away!

Here is a link to order a foam roller if you do not already have one and be sure to watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to best use one.

Call or email TD Athletes Edge for any questions!



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