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Best Body Tool: 2 for golf, baseball, softball athletes

Posted by tdifranc on May 5, 2013

Golf/Baseball/Softball season is here and despite the fact that I live in a basketball world I figured I would throw a bone to those big swingers out there. I see a lot of athletes out there, and even trainers, working with rotation sport athletes trying to come up with “swing” like exercises. They seem to think that if the sport involves swinging then their training should include lots of resisted/heavy swinging. If you care about your vertebrae don’t do this!

I prefer to focus on anti-rotation based exercises because rotational power is really produced from the hips as the core/spine remain stiff and stable. That is why we use the term “core stability”. Both exercises are demonstrated with the TRX Rip Stick but can be done with a functional trainer/cable machine and a tricep-rope extension.

In both videos note that if you were to relax the core during the extended portion of the exercise you would fall into rotation, hence the term “anti-rotation”. Sport of any kind revolves around the athlete’s ability to do dynamic work with the arms/legs while the core stays stable!


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