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14 Strategies to Your Best Body: Part 2

Posted by tdifranc on June 8, 2013

Raise your hand if you want to be a fat burning machine…actually forget about raising your hand, just read Part 2 of our Best Body series (**UPDATED Part 1 here). I have no problem with working hard and it certainly takes hard work and discipline to achieve/maintain your best body. That being said, the following strategies can help you  to make it easier:

8. Protein & Fat at Breakfast: Makes you feel full, burns calories and fuels your muscles. By getting protein and fat at breakfast those processed/fat storing carbohydrates won’t be as likely to crash the party7,8-10.

9. Document: Something that is tracked is something that is managed, and if you are trying to manage your body you better be tracking5. Try writing down or taking pictures of what you eat. You will find that it is much more enjoyable to write down or take a picture of grilled salmon and green beans vs. a large pepperoni pizza and a milk shake.

10. Weigh In: Weighing yourself regularly and documenting it will help you to stay accountable but also help you to see what patterns lead to weight loss or weight gain. Try writing down your weight, what you ate, how many hours you slept, and what your activity level was each day 5,6. This will only take 2 minutes and can be done in 1 sentence!

11. Partner-Up: Find someone who is willing to do these things with you and compare notes. Even if they don’t want to join you they probably would be happy to be someone that you report to. You are less likely to skip or miss a day of your new habits if you know someone that you respect and care about is expecting you to report to them.

12. Don’t skimp on the fat: The original food pyramid might have some flaws (hence the obesity epidemic) as pointed out by the Caveman Doctor. Full fat foods like pastured yogurt & eggs, grass fed beef, and even butter (from grass-fed cows) are actually good for us. These products contain things like Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is a fatty acid that has positive health benefits, mainly the anticarcinogenic and weight management properties. Plainly speaking, CLA is a good fat and our bodies need fat to burn fat. In addition to their health benefits, these full fat dairy products will leave you feeling much more satisfied from a smaller quantity as compared to the low fat/corn fed versions due to their much greater nutritional quality. Just ask Dr. Cate Shanahan!

13. Try skipping a meal with a plan: The term “intermittent fasting” has become more and more popular over the past few years. Achieving a fat burning state and many other health benefits have been linked to intermittent fasting. If you are going to experiment with this start slow (1 fast/2 weeks) and low (3-5 hours) oh and listen to your body – if you are starving and feel like you are going to pass out…eat something! From my experience if you try to start with a LONG (24hr) fast you will be more likely to stumble and cave to hunger. Another word from the pretend-to-be wise is to be sure to drink plenty of water to ease the process. After getting used to calculated intermittent fasting (guided by experts) one of my favorite results is the amount of energy I feel while doing it. I don’t have to think about when/where my next meal is coming from or beg my amazing chef extraordinaire girlfriend Jennie to spend her energy making it…you would be surprised at how much time/energy we spend daily on these tasks. This may be something that works for you or not but it’s worth a look. One last tip on this: don’t be scared and don’t even be scared to workout during a fast. Here’s a great podcast from @fatburnman with Dr. John Berardi from Precision Nutrition where they discuss the framework of intermittent fasting for those of you that are curious.

14. Bulk up your bacteria: Over 80% of our cells are bacterial and the remaining 10-20% of cells in our bodies are human cells. Now that we know this, wouldn’t it be a bit ridiculous to ignore the health and care of these GOOD bacterial cells? Seems so to me and science/research confirms the necessity to pay closer attention to our microbiomes. Microbiome is a term used to describe the ~100 Trillion strong body-wide community of bacterial cells that are living and dying on each of us right now! Your microbiome extends from your skin surfaces all the way to inside your intestines! Oh and by the way, they all communicate from your finger tips to the inside of your gut. That means that when you slaughter the good bacteria on your skin surfaces by using something like antibacterial soap/hand sanitizer you upset and weaken all of their relatives deep in your intestines. A weak and low-functioning microbiome has been linked to obesity/weight gain, immune system disorders, susceptibility to food poisoning, signs of depression, digestive disorders, asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, DNA changes and the list goes on!!! People are always looking for the next magic bullet to ultimate health and our microbiome might just be it. The term “probiotic” is tossed around by supplement companies because even people that don’t know exactly what it means and have never heard the term microbiome seem to know that probiotics are supposed to be good for us. Unfortunately Fortunately, like in nearly all real-food vs. supplement comparisons the supplement versions of probiotics get SMOKED in the face when they duke it out with real-food versions! Here’s the deal on what do about caring for your microbiome:

A.) Eat more probiotic packed real-foods (pickles not made with vinegar, sauerkraut, kimchi, full fat/raw/grass fed yogurt, raw/grass fed butter, fermented veggies, kombucha teas, and kvass – a fermented veggie drink…among others).

B.) Eat more of what those good bacteria like to eat (“prebiotics”) such as garlic, onions, artichokes, asparagus and chicory (among others).

C.) Be aware that everything you put on your skin or in your body will either benefit or savagely attack your microbiome. Things like how often you wash your hands, what you wash your hands with, the lotions, shampoos, and shaving creams you use can cause damage to your microbiome!

D.) Use antibiotics as a LAST possible resort. Unless of course you want to be responsible for a mass killing of the majority of the the good bacteria in your body that will take years to get back to normal…your call.

I like helping people become unstoppable, fat burning, muscle building machines but all of the work in the gym (even if it is the right stuff) will go down the drain if you don’t pay attention to these 14 strategies. Just try implementing a few of them initially and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how it helps you get closer to Your Best Body!


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One Response to “14 Strategies to Your Best Body: Part 2”

  1. Jacob James said

    Just wondering if you are familiar with the amazing benefits of drinking alkaline water. Im working on purchasing a kangen machine for me my family and friends. I would even share the water with you so that you could experience the results yourself. I live in LA and love the lakers.

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