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Secrets to Training the Core the RIGHT Way!

Posted by tdifranc on August 19, 2013

The purpose of this piece is simple (like me) – Discuss the true function of the core and give examples of how to train it the RIGHT way!

Rather than ramble on and bore you about how crunches are bad and planks are good, I will just refer you to a few posts from the archives (if you are interested) – Things We Already Know: low back Part 1 & Part 2

Front planks, side planks, and even loaded walks (Farmer, Suitcase, etc.) have made their way into mainstream training circles to target the core. Anti-Rotation based core exercises, however, appear to be struggling to catch up while being ignored. Gray Cook & Co. and John Pallof did a great job of bringing our attention to the importance of training the Anti-Rotation component of the core through exercises like the Chop, Lift, and Pallof Press. In the video below I break down what “Anti-Rotation” means and highlight the Cable Half Kneel Lift.

Here is the opposing version of the Lift…the Cable Half Kneel Chop.

Finally, below are a few options of exercises you can do with minimal equipment/at home to train the anti-rotation component of your core:

Cable Half Kneel Lift-Pull

DB Half Kneel Single Arm V Press

Band Half Kneel Anti-Rotation Iso (Pallof Press version)

Enjoy! Add some of these to your regular training and for more follow @tdathletesedge on Twitter & Instagram!


One Response to “Secrets to Training the Core the RIGHT Way!”

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