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Best Body Tool: Side Planks 101

Posted by tdifranc on December 27, 2013

Before you dive into a New Year’s Resolution to attack those love handles with crazy core training make sure you have the dirt on how to train the core the right way! Do not spend a bunch of time, money or energy on reaching your training goals just to end up hurting yourself…do it the right way. Start with a quick peek at the Secrets to Training the Core the Right Way post I did, and then hit up my post on 5 Ways to Fix Your Front Plank.

Follow that up with the simple but critical points of emphasis in the video below, and you will have trainers at the gym coming up to you asking for advice! One more thing – you will also have a core made of steel sans nagging injuries…

Enjoy and if you love training/nutrition based on science & results vs. tradition check out more on Twitter & Instagram: @tdathletesedge


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